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We would love to collaborate with you. Become a brand representative and be part of the pequs fam. 


You will only need to order one of our items to demonstrate your commitment in order to become a real and salient pequs promoter. After that you simply need to fill out the attached questionnaire and you are part of the team! 

The code will enable everyone who uses your individual code to get 10% off their entire order. 


If more than 5 customers use YOUR code to buy our products…you get free items free choice from our entire product range

10% discount for all of your ordered products 


If you have friends who share the same spirit and also like to be part of the promo team, they can help you by using your code in the attached questionnaire. (section: friend’s code) 

Registration with your individual code has the same value to you as some one who uses your code to get discount and will be considered as one of the 5 potential customers. 


We may also share the photos you take with our promo pages as well as on our own page!